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The two have been spied tooling around Manhattan together – most recently over the weekend, arm-in-arm at the Pace Wildenstein Gallery’s 40th anniversary celebration.For their first “date,” Post sources say the charming ketchup king whisked Paltrow off to London for a romantic weekend.Now, Paltrow, long rumored to be the behind-the-scenes squeeze of Ben Affleck, appears to be embarking on a new relationship, although she’s fueling speculation she’s still dating her “Bounce” co-star.Last month, the two were seen kissing and holding hands all over Manhattan. born in Alexandria, Egypt, who both migrated to Portuguese East Africa. Secretary of State, long-time Senator and 2004 presidential nominee John Kerry. In 1963, she graduated from the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Geneva and moved to the United States to be an interpreter at the United Nations. This was the only reported time they met before Senator Heinz died in a plane crash on April 4, 1991. In 1960, Teresa Simões-Ferreira earned a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages and Literature from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. The couple had three sons: In 1990, she met Senator Kerry at an Earth Day rally.

As a suicidal man (Mark Rosenthal) stands on a roof ready to throw himself off the building, his friends gather to try to convince him not to do it. See full summary » Bridgette is an actress teaching aerobics, and she falls in love with idle playboy Adam, who runs his father's gym.

She was a member of a State Department delegation appointed by then-President George H. Choosing to remain registered as a Republican until John Kerry's presidential bid in 2004, she kept her name Teresa Heinz. Just so people don't ask me questions about so and so is so and so's wife or this and that. So, that's my legal name and that's my office name, my Pittsburgh name." Teresa Heinz is the chair of the Heinz Endowments and the Heinz Family Philanthropies, disbursing money to various social and environmental causes.

In May 2004, she said: "My legal name is still Teresa Heinz. Teresa Heinz is what I've been all my growing-up life, adult life, more than any other name. She assists the City of Pittsburgh, where the Heinz family has many financial and family connections.

One day she finds out that one of her ex-lovers died of AIDS and, ...

See full summary » Diana, a young Italian-American photographer, returns to the city in which she grew up in order to settle her mother's estate.

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Christopher Drake Heinz (born 20 March 1973) is an American businessman and investor. Heinz is a 1995 graduate of Yale University and a 2001 graduate of Harvard Business School.

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