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Updating firmware on blackberry storm

This is only news / an official upgrade to people who were running earlier pre-release versions of the Storm2 from Vodafone, which would be a small handful.No Storm 9500 users, there isn't an update for you yet.With many of the Verizon users who took advantage of the leaked OS upgrade for their version of the Storm reporting vast improvements, it’s only understandable that a lot of Vodafone Storm users are upset about the lack of a new OS available through legitimate means or otherwise.Thankfully Vodafone Germany has stepped up to the plate and has officially released a software update for the 9500.

An older version might work perfectly well, but I recommend you use the version issued with your Storm, just to be safe. Here are a few (not necessarily in the correct order): Agree to the license for the new OS version.Let us know how you get on in the comments: initial criticism of the Storm was widespread, so we’re keen to hear how this might change your opinion of the touchscreen smartphone..148 applications apps bell display free gmail hybrid imap keyboard official optimization os ota paid released rim shareware software subscription telus timezone touchscreen tweaks unlock unreleased verizon vodafone About. Make sure that the version you plan to upgrade is, in fact, an upgrade—a newer version.It is assumed on this page that your carrier is Verizon Wireless; if your carrier is different, the process should be virtually identical except for the download location.The basic steps of the upgrade/update (those words are interchangeable here) are very simple: If you haven't already, install the Desktop Manager software that came with your Black Berry Storm.

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